OH NO! My AC is Blowing Hot Air.

Air Conditioner blowing out hot air

There could be many reasons why your air conditioner is blowing out warm air. Here you will find a few things that you can try before calling a service professional at Nicholson Heating and Cooling.

1. Check for Dirty Air Filter

Dirty air filters can reek havoc on your heating and air conditioning system. When you have a dirty air filter your blower motor has to work extra hard to move air across your coil and into your air ducts. As a result you are putting unnecessary strain on your entire air conditioning system. This strain can lead to increased energy consumption, frozen evaporator coils, contaminated air, and air conditioner or furnace failure. Filters should be checked on a monthly basis and replaced when dirt and debris begin to accumulate. Have a hard to find filter size? Call Nicholson Heating and Cooling and we can get you the perfect fit.

2. Check Your Thermostat Batteries

As easy and simple as it may sound, many thermostats are equipped with batteries and just like all other electronics that take batteries, they wear out. If you have a blank thermostat screen, simply pop off the cover and check to see if your thermostat has batteries. Start by replacing them to see if this resolves the issue that you were having. If your thermostat does not have batteries, you may have a more in depth issue that will require a repair from a qualified technician at Nicholson Heating and Cooling.

3. Check for Debris On Outdoor Unit

Dirty condenser coils can have a major impact on your air conditioning system. Air needs to be able to pass through your air conditioner in order for the process of heat transfer to occur. A dirty condenser coil restricts air flow and causes your fan motor and compressor to overwork and overheat. As a result you will begin experiencing loss of cooling inside your home and may even damage your condensing unit. It is recommended that you have your air conditioner serviced by a qualified service technician at Nicholson Heating and Cooling at least once a year.

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